Friday, 21 August 2009

Steam Punk Stuff

I finally get to post about some steam punk props made for AscendancyLRP that I started a month or so ago but since I wanted them to be a surprise at the event I couldn't show them here.

I had been busy collecting junk as can be seen below

Which I liberally spread around my house

This my Steam Rifle, made from a crossbow stock, a candle stick, a fire extinguisher and a dial from a foot pump.

Next we have a brain in jar, this is made of biscuit tin, part of a cyberman toy, some cutlery drainers, a bit PVC strip and a latex brain from the Adventurers Emporium

Then a brain transfer device which was mainly made from the back half of a cyberman toy helmet.

This mechanical arm was made from a Dr Octopus toy arm, I then added the innards of a electric drill and few pipes

The memory crystal is basically a bit of brass wire from hobbycraft, a candle stick, a old box and crystal prop I had lying around, glued together with a hot glue gun.

This is my mind testing device, basically a couple of dismantled alarm clocks, which I printed new dials for and Vitalator bought from a junk shop for £8

I have some other steam punk props to post about which I will do separately when I have chance to photograph them.

Photgraphs from the event they where used in can be seen here, including photos of the cybernetic gorilla, brought in by the Goblins

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  1. Cracking to see the works in progress, what a shame Philomena may never see that hat again!