Monday, 13 October 2008

Kit Kat Thieves

Possibly the last Ascendancy weekend at Candleston due to price increases although I hope not and the October weather was at its best, putting the damp summer months to shame in fact by midday it was lovely tee shirt weather.

I camped at this event with Dave only since Julie was cat sitting although from reading her blog, more like cat fighting. I also learned today Jock and Bridgettes cat Monty had died, probably of old age, apart from this last few months looked he quite young for age possible because he was a small furry ball of a cat, he will be missed.

I decided to cater this event and brought a big pack of donuts, upon arriving at Dave's he produced a big pack of donuts, so catering sorted we ate donuts the whole weekend, although Dave did scoff 10 out the 12 packets of crisps, not complaining since don't eat crisps. A squirrel also ate a half used packet of bread roles while I nipped the loo and a packet of kit-kats bars went missing, could have been crack squirrel team, they left no evidence, the alternative is they will turn in years time next time I use the tent or rolled up in a jumper.

Talking of tents, as I was taking down my tent a tent pole broke at the metal joint tube for no could reason, Dave said it looked like fatigue, I do use the tent a lot, but its still only just a year old, lucky no more camping events this year.

The event was bitty, I mean that in good way though, lots of plot bits resolved or created, but no single plot thread running through the whole event, it was in a way a pleasant change from too much world saving. I had my enjoyable little bit of political gaming and business dealing, but found knowing stuff and not being able to pass it on a little frustrating, I must have heard at least half a dozen times a player say, Izzanbard would know, and he did, Alfonso didn't.

I got home about a hour earlier than usual, since travelling with Dave we only stopped for a quick burger and fries, although we intended to meet up with Sam and Jak, but somehow overtook them and thought we where late and had missed them.

Today I seem to have pain in right shoulder which hurts for no apparent reason, it even made driving difficult and is certainly going to make it hard to sleep.


  1. It's sad to hear about Jock and Bridgette's cat - I hope they're doing OK?

    As for the weekend's catering... Hmmm... Donuts, crisps, burgers, fries... I see... ;)

  2. I blame Dave, I would have ate nothing but carrots if it was left to me ;)

    Actually I think we where both disappointed with the burger and fries, while a meal from the motorway services is not high cuisine and the chips are at junction 8 awful, I think we would still go for the meal next time.

    I'm not sure they where prepared Monty had reach that age although I'm not sure if that helps or not, they are saying they won't have a another cat at the moment.

  3. Awww that's very sad for Jock n Bridge, rip Monty.
    lol at your diet for the weekend, see what happends when you leave blokes to feed themselves.....which reminds me Andy doens't appear to have emptied the van since he's been back, wander what types of fungus are growing in the passenger seat area.....