Sunday, 16 March 2008

I failed my resistance role

On Saturday I went to Torm (The Original Re-enactors Market) in Coventry taking my friend Jock’s wife Bridget while he stayed at home to watch Rugby on TV.

We arrived around 10ish and quickly scouted the halls, before making purchases, I was looking for a pair of breaches, which I found and that was all I actually needed. For the last 2 fairs I’ve resisted buying a paticular hat, I bought something else expensive last time and DaveP saved me the 2nd time by pointing out a bargain hat which I bought, this time I broke, it was £75 pounds for this hat (A kind of Puritan Witch Finder General Hat) that I don’t need, I walked past the stall several times before my resistance broke, I’m happy but I really do have to admit I have become addicted to hats.

Talking of hats and bargains, DaveP left me with 15 felt hats which we unloaded from Julie’s car to mine, he got these fine looking hats for £1 each which is something only master bargain hunter DaveP could do, these are good hats which will be probably be turned into tri-corns, I dropped these off later that afternoon to AndyL who was equally impressed.

After the fair we went for a bite to eat at the Cocked Hat in Coventry, which we have been to several times. This pub was at one time a smoky smelly pub that you would avoid, but it now does a excellent selection of its own 6 or 7 different meat pies for a under a fiver, which while not healthy food are very tasty, with well cooked chips and peas.

I dropped Bridgett off home in Ripley, then walked round to Chimera, spent some money, then went next door for a bit thread from the sewing shop, before going food shopping to the supermarket and buying the new Elizabeth the Golden Age DVD.

I didn’t get chance to watch the DVD since I got engrossed by figure painting, before I knew it, it was quarter past midnight.
I’m currently painting an Undead/Forsaken army see photos below, most of the figures were assembled 15 years ago by AndyH but never painted. Sitting in box, with glue decay for that long they were a little worse for wear and quite a few needed bits gluing back on, where missing arms, shields and had broken spears, so I spent the evening repairing undercoating them. I also added several figures of my own enlarging the units.

I did find the lost Painted Zombies and Skeletal Crossbowmen, they just need the bases doing.

A few nights ago put finishing touches the Empire figures painted by DaveP (photo below) which at his request had the flesh highlighted and the bases flocked.

Jasmine likes spear men since they are easy to grab and run off with, to protect a little against this I made myself a painting box (picture below), which means I don’t have to put each figure away between painting sessions, I can just carry the painting box and shut away in a cupboard out the way.This does not stop Jasmine totally who hovers over my shoulder while painting and takes a quick swipe to grab a figure, she then moans with pathetic Meow when I say Nooo.


  1. Dave does know how to find those bargains doesn't he? Although in this case, he had a tip off from Mark and Amanda's friend at the event last weekend. Obviously he homed in on the hats pretty much at the first opportunity and bought the entire stock!

  2. Those hats are great though aren't they. It was Andy B who tipped Dave off BTW (how many Andy's!)
    Like the painting box too :-)

  3. Oooh PS: We tried the steak pies from the Ripley Deli tonight, may I recommend them to you :-)