Sunday, 16 December 2007

A Winter Solstice party

Not the longest night of the year but Sam's Birthday party who was born on the 21st, arriving mid day I joined several others who had arrived either Friday night or even earlier Saturday morning, although the majority of people did not arrive until later.

I'm not a party fan but should have remembered Sam's is organised and with her mixed guests from Ascendancy, Karate and Family she had organised fun games for us all which made the evening fly by, so we passed the parcel, hunted for fairy names, worked out the puzzle of the blanket I came second but could have come joint 1st if I hadn't wanted to be silly with Sam. We played various other games, murder in the dark, some word and forfeit games and then invented our own game of each of us telling a story one word at time in turn, which was ridiculous did not work but highly amusing to drunk among those there.

Food was a plentiful, since Sam and her mum had catered for double the number of guest since Tony and crowd from Birmingham, plus some karatiers didn't turn up, RichardS phoned for help, Mike turned up a hour later to eat his way through 2 or 3 peoples food allowance.

During the evening I won a Gorilla soft toy which party people named Zelda after Terrahawks for some reason, and while I was in the loo she was kidnapped and a ransom note left on my chair, after pleading for Zelda's life offering a small fortune in cakes and fairy names the kidnappers denied all knowledge and suggested I come back with a better offer. I left to the kitchen and when I returned Zelda was found gagged, sellotaped, blindfolded and hanging by noose. Zelda has now recovered from the trauma and is currently making friends with Jasmine who is not sure if she should attack Zelda or run away from her.

We had RichS, Heather, Colin, Amy, Mathew, Mike, from Ascendancy, Sam's Mum and husband Ron, her Brother and wife, and a couple from Karate, plus a KathrynR Sam's best friend from reenactment, who came dressed in skirt no wider than a belt, well usually we get some sort of PVC number, she also didn't play strip table tennis as she did at the last party I went to.

I went expecting to leave by 11pm, not drinking alcohol, but enjoyed myself so much I didn't get home until 3am Sunday.


  1. Yay glad the party was good! shame Tony and co didn't make it, bah!

  2. Tony was on call and got called, the only problem with earning mega bucks.