Monday, 24 December 2007

Its not long to Christmas now...who's excited?

On Saturday night I went out with my super hero friends 'The Whistler Killer' with side kick 'Soft Lad' and the unstoppable 'Squeaky Brat Boy'.We went to busy pub that has lots of quiet rooms no large screen TVs, no pub quizzes, no steak nights (that I know of) called the Dead Poets because it walls have photos of dead poets on them. We learned mainly of Squeaky Brat Boys tangled loved life which is far too complex to explain in less than 2 very thick books. A most enjoyable evening The Whistler Killer silence a few whistler while Soft Lad ran to the toilet every so often since he has a weak bladder. The journey home was only memorable because of the thick fog and poor directions mainly consisting of take the next t..... yes that one we have passed, once would have been acceptable, but reversing up dark single track roads 3 times was a bit much.

By the way I can't tell you my super hero name since those of reading this may know me and therefore learn my alter ego.

Sunday I woke up sure I had a cold, I had aching legs a sore throat and felt cold, but by lunch all the symptoms had left apart from thickly cough, colds don't go that quick so who knows what was wrong.

I spent the evening a Ste & Debs ordered in a Chinese meal and watched American football which Ste is addicted to while we chatted.

Today well for some reason I found myself buying extra presents even though I had everything bought and wrapped already, nothing much those fun under a tenner stocking filler gifts that are more for the humour of gift than the gift being actually wanted, a spent a couple of hours chatting to my friends A & H in their shop, then visited Jock and Bridgette who were each in separate rooms of their house wrapping each others presents before returning home to wash the car and watch the film Lemony Snicket's.

That's my weekend, it now Christmas eve evening, so best wishes for Christmas to anyone who has the time to read this and everyone else for that matter.

PS Not sure I like having all this time before Christmas, much prefer to work Christmas Eve



  1. Hope it was a very merry one too! loved the Ascendancy cards!

  2. Glad your cold turned out to be a false alarm! Having been suffering for nineteen (!!!!) days now, it is *not* fun :(

    Hope Christmas itself was a good one. Ours was quiet but nice and relaxing (apart from the coughing). :)

  3. I do have have a cold now unfortunetly, at least it waited till Boxing day evening.