Friday, 2 November 2007

Angry Men

I’m struggling to concentrate since I have a cold, which is at the dribbley, sneezey stage, so I’m writing this which I hope will make sense when I read it back.

This week I’ve had a driving nightmare on the way home from work possibly due to dark nights and snarled up traffic.
On Tuesday I was queuing on a main road and driving slowly so I was not stop starting all the way up the hill, when the car behind jumped the queue and made up a place, swerving past me into the small space I had left for no good reason. I hooted him (I admit several times) for the very cheeky manoeuvre and he objected to this. He showed his bad mood by stopping in the middle of the road putting on his hazard lights then when I tried pass him he shot forward then proceeded to slam his anchors on several times, which you can imagine did not go down well, not wishing to escalate the situation I however did nothing more. However at the next bend he pulled over, letting me pass, shot out between me and the car behind me and followed me home, I decided not go home not wishing to meet a road raged maniac outside my house so drove around the housing estate until he gave up. Not pleasant, next time I will keep my displeasure at being overtaken to myself.

Then Thursday I watched in disbelief when after letting someone out of a side road, I moved forward, but someone else decided they wanted out this side road as well and could not wait their turn, spun their wheels shot out causing me to brake, did a u turn around me and then had stop for traffic coming the other way blocking me until someone on the other side of the road let him out as well.

Its now Friday and I’m still not sure I’ve recovered from Tuesday, I’m still expecting a car to turn up behind me and a man with shotgun blow me away for daring to express my displeasure.

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  1. Your story reminds me why I prefer to keep my doors locked - especially in stationary traffic. My worst one was in stationary traffic, queuing to go through lights at the end of my street and observing a KEEP CLEAR area on a junction. The driver behind me didn't like this and after beeping at me repeatedly and then creeping up to my bumper, rev'ing like mad, he got out of the car to shout at me. Fortunately, just as he was approaching my window the lights changed!

    I think you did right by not stopping at your house until after this lunatic had given up following you.

    There is something that happens to people when they get behind the wheel of a car whereby they feel invincible, testosterone flows and they seem to lose all sense of civilised behaviour. Obviously in his case this man was in that dark place where such people go to and all you can do is your utmost to not inflame the situation while avoiding putting yourself in danger. :(