Sunday, 21 October 2007

Whats part goat, lion and snake

I spent this Saturday in the new Chimera Shop, since Heather asked me if I could be Saturday girl while Andy was away getting his kids injections sorted and her other Saturday girl is in America.
I arrived at the shop around 10am with few Kids in there already, I'm calling them shop orphans since they seem to have been abandoned by there parents, a couple were there until mid afternoon and one lasted all day and was returning Sunday.
Encouraged to play a few games I had small crowd for a game of Pirates and then played a game of D&D skirmish, both I did not know the rules for, Pirates I kinda made up the rules, since they would not wait for me to read the rule book, D&D I managed to get the basic idea before we played.

Overall a OK day I left about 4.30pm, having only intended to stay until Andy got back, but Heather gave me coffee, and the kids wanted to play, so I stayed.

I’ve posted a picture of the shop below, click for a larger image, but you can see more picture here on the website I updated Sunday with a few extra pages, a preview of Dave's Logo, which I'm still waiting the artwork for so I used a photo of the shop window.

The shop itself is very good, lots of things I could buy, and I like the sound of the plans to improve it, official opening Day is going to be Saturday 24th of November for anyone interested.

On Saturday evening I decided to watch the Rugby, I like the big sporting occasions, but generally don’t follow any sports since for that you need free weekends, which a few in number, or a be very keen on sports, which I'm not, still I enjoyed the game even though England lost.

Sunday was a shopping day, but one of those were you look and don’t buy, a trip for inspiration.

I also managed to find a place to leave plastic carrier bags for recycling, my local Morrison's now has a large steel container thing in the carpark, which is far better than Sainsbury’s cardboard bin which held about 10 carriers and was always overflowing, so I dumped about 6 months worth of carrier bags.

On side note my mother had to have the builder round for her cat, which had crept behind a kitchen cupboard, up a vent from the cooker and got stuck, the builder arrived to remove the kitchen unit just as the cat re-appeared :S after screaming for over 2 hours.

Tip of Day: don’t go down a road when a ploughing competition has just finished, not only do you get a bottle neck of slow moving tractors, but them sharp plough blades look very dangerous swinging about on there chains and hinges as they go down the road behind ancient machines.


  1. I had a quick look at the shop pictures on the website and things are looking good :) I like that everything looks light and clean. There also appears to be a lot of stock, which is always a good thing! Hopefully we'll get to see it for ourselves very soon.

  2. Glad you enjoyed playing with the shop orphans!
    you were a very good saturday girl, welcome back anytime!