Sunday, 23 September 2007

My week

This week started with a trip to friends on Monday evening, a trip to South Wales for work in tiny Peugeot 207, new roadworks just before A449 joins the M4 at Newport delayed my journey since I hit them a rush hour.

I went to see Bourne Ultimatum at Derby and did enjoy it, much of the same thing as the 1st 2 movies in the trilogy but it works and story was concluded, it would take a very warped Holywood mind to make another to earn a few extra dollars.

Other than that I had record (for me) 4 meals out, 1 on Monday, 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday, spent some dosh on nice new coat, doodled with the web site since its all done (I will put a link here when its officially released), read the web site blog as Julie wrestled through the problems with forums, and finally watched the new Casino Royale DVD.

That's it, not really a week to remember.

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  1. Last week passed in a blur for me, mostly because I've been inundated at work and have been lurching through multiple potential crises... Did I mention how much I hate this time of year?

    The weekend was spent almost entirely working on those forums I think. My knowledge of PHP has increased by something like 500% and in some ways it's reassuring to know how similar it is to other scripting languages, but it's also worrying since I've no idea how the whole of phpBB hangs together.

    The only bit I did which was entirely familiar territory was that SQL statement to add a table. SQL I can do!