Tuesday, 10 July 2007

In demand

After being chastised for not visiting my friends in the the living history group 'Buckingham's Retinue' while at Tewkesbury battle I've now been phoned by two people and asked if I would reprise my role as Henry VIII at Skipton Castle during August.

I've not done any reenactment for 2 years and its nice to be wanted so I'm considering it, my friend Sam another ex-Buckingham is also considering it.

The Buckingham split in two (for the 2nd time) well in actually about a third left to form a new group (forgot their name already) doing more role play, battle organisation and show stuff, they tried to recruit me as well, so 2 offers I just need 'the Stanley's' to ask me then I have a full house of recent ex-living history groups.


  1. Sounds fun and if you have nothing else on, I think you should do it. Besides, you do have that fantastic costume!

  2. Yep I do have the costume :) the only downside is it’s the weekend before the weeklong.

    I’m almost there with going, although I don’t have anywhere near the current longing I have to do my current Larp events.

  3. Ok I'm going, Henry's back for a one off appearance

  4. yay! don't forget to pop the photos on here!