Sunday, 11 February 2007

Pants mock up

Above without waist band, below with
Mock up of the trousers I intend to make just trying out for size, as you can see from the 1st before I added the waist band, they would go around me twice, they seem baggy enough, although not added to the mock up from the calf down the trousers are intended to be tight, not sure yet if button together or ties.


  1. It can be very deceptive looking at full trousers before the waistband goes on can't it?

    Looking at them, I don't think they're as full as the trousers you were originally looking for, but that is down to personal preference. Were it me, I think I'd add a few more inches around when cutting out the real version.

    Can I ask how much ease you left at the waist band and have you tried sitting, squatting and moving in them?

    The crotch shouldn't bind or climb in uncomfortable ways and you want to be able to tuck in multiple layers of shirts without being unable to breathe. Similarly, when you sit down and your tummy muscles relax, you don't want the waistband to bite too much or the trousers will be uncomfortable.

    Generally though, well done you! Without the cuffs, they look like britches at the mo, which means that you have a pattern for some in the future should you ever need them. Reusing a pattern for multiple garments of different types is always good.

    I approve and look forward to seeing the finished results (as does Jasmine by the looks of things :).

  2. I know it was a rhetorical question, but it I was amazed how much they seemed to shrink when I added the waistband, the waistband was made about (or ended up) 3” too big and will have to shrink it for the final version. There seemed to be no problem squatting etc. I tried all that. I may add another 2“ or so to the pattern I don’t think it will hurt and the lower leg area did seem tighter than intended.

    Jasmine found they made excellent tunnels to climb in (she currently likes climbing down coat arms), and I now have extra bandages from the off cut’s of the linnen for Larp.

    Just have to remember all your instruction about linings, pockets, fly holes, inter linings etc.