Sunday, 4 February 2007

A cats dinner of it

My wonderful new Cat Jasmine decided to jump on my knee tonight while I was at the PC with my spaghetti bolognaise dinner sitting on my lap.
Jasmine landed in dinner expecting a solid surface or my knees like she normally finds but end up slipping pushing some of the food off the side of the plate onto my knee.
Final result, bolognaise sauce cat footprints on the carpet, spoilt dinner and a big smile at my cats foolish stunt.

The is the 2nd disaster in the last few days, since on Wednesday I think it was, Jasmine decided to jump on the top of wardrobe where I store lots of boxes of stuff.
This was late in the night and was sound asleep when heard a loud crash followed by Jasmine darting down the stairs at full pace, I'm not sure how but she had pulled the lot down, waking me, and possibly the neighbors. 10 second later she darted back up the stairs again at full pelt like a heard of tiny elephants, jumped onto my bed, and meowed.

Ah the joys of Cat ownership, I forgot the fun bits as well the good bits, at this moment I don't know I went for nearly 2 years without one.

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