Thursday, 28 December 2006

TV is a Habit

This year I forgot how to watch the television, I’m not saying I don’t watch it, I’ve just got out of the habit.

It started because I was busy at work, busy with Shards, busy online, busy reading, busy making bits and bobs before I new it I had missed a couple of episode of this or that and couldn’t get back into them. I’ve gone from someone who watched 3 or 4 series a week, plus news, and the odd other program or a film, possibly 2 hours of telly a day when in, to someone who struggles to watch 2 hour a week unless you count DVD’s.

I’ve tried to get interested in TV over the Christmas break and failed, the telly was switch on tonight I was going to watch a DVD but I’ve failed to watch it, the Telly is still on I can see the light flickering off the wall, best go watch whatever on or switch it off.

So far since Christmas Eve I’ve watched Dr Who and a bit of news tonight about a helicopter crash.

So who has seen the trailer for ‘The 300’

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