Sunday, 17 December 2006

It's nearly Christmas

So this weekend I completed my Christmas shopping, went to a party in Birmingham, was visited by my younger brother and created some picture collage's of photo’s for this blog.

Christmas shopping is always rather stressful, and although it’s only a week until Christmas day to be actually complete this early is unusual for me.

This year I decided I was going to try buying everything online as I don’t find that method of shopping stressful at all, but I failed perhaps 60% was bought that way, the rest needed me to wander around the shops with the other crazy lost millions and look for inspiration.

Now Sunday afternoon, wrapping presents, the sun is shinning and life is good, dam work tomorrow.


  1. Rich I had a look on Sat morn. Pretty good. I liked the bit about shopping for presents for dad . My very own sentiments. No interests etc. Pretty sad really. All I wish is that he would at least come out for a pint with us sometime rather than worring what Sandra will say.

    Thought you were still doing reinactment.

    I am still crap at spelling.

    I will have another look at your blog site.

    If you find any interesting web sites or links let me know.Didnt know my mum wanted to go on a parachute jump, bloody hell balls of steel. Saying that its something I would like to do, but I am in my thirties, not one year off Seventy.Respect.A mum to be proud of.

  2. Just checking in so you know I've read your email.

    We're back from Devon/Cornwall having driven back through dense fog which started at Taunton and just got worse and worse the nearer to the midlands we got.

    Nice pictures and I like the way you've played with your sidebar. I have a blog on here, but since I use LJ don't post here very often - other than to copy public posts when I remember.

    Right... I feel the need for tea, so I shall say tootles for now...

  3. Hi Ste

    I see from your comments you read my public posts on Live Journal

  4. Tootle:
    Play (a musical instrument) casually
    Wonder around, walk about slowly

    Possibly derived from the word Pootle/Poodles: steam meandering down a valley

    Tootles (Matt B definition)
    Goodbye, farewell, see you, ta tar, bye etc.