Sunday, 31 December 2006


I've was looking through old photo's to try and find a photo of my uncle and found a load of photo's of cats mainly my mothers.

see the photos at

My Favorite cat was Mercky named after the Mercedes Benze car by my Brother robert who could not live with her destruction of his house so gave the cat to my mother. Mercky was eventually run over by work colleague of mine who came to work and jokingly said does anyone own a unlucky black cat on Birchwood lane, yes.

Out the photos Scooby is the only cat still alive, he's 16 years old and looking rather thin these days.

Columbus was my cat died just over a year ago at 3 years old from poisoning, Tommy was a Family cat when I lived at my mums, Shelly was Scooby's sister and lived with my mum as did Tiger and Suki, Jodi I not sure why I have photo's of was cat owned by brothers ex-girlfriend I think. Spongy never made it to adulthood because he played dare with cars to often.

I owned 2 other cats but have no photos them the 1st was Socrates or Socks, and then I had Bodica.

I hope to find a new cat this January we will see what happens


  1. Some lovely pictures there. :)

    I've only owned a few cats myself, but I've been fortunate in they mostly lived long lives, being lost to illness in their elder years. And the only one I have readily available pictures of is Missy due to the invention of the digital camera.

  2. Hi Rich

    Photograph Jodi002.jpg is in fact my current cat Stella

  3. My brother Stephen has sent me some new picture, very cute of his cat Stella, that I ve added to photo site.