Thursday, 14 December 2006

1st post

Not sure why I need this but I was pointed by a friend to google documents and this led me look at other features of Google and I followed a link to blogs and found myself playing with this site.

I do my posts on Live Journal since most of people likely to read them look there, and LJ has other features that this blog doesn't making it more like a diary so you can filter who reads what. (for instance anyone not registered on my LJ friends list will only see public posts)

So what do I use this for (answers welcome) I can post things from LJ here, at least the non private posts, perhaps they will get looked at more, I'm not sure, I can also point my non LJ user friends here to see my public comments.

Time to send a email out to a few friends and see what happens, although I think I should post something worth reading 1st.

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